Experience You Can Trust

Our healthcare providers have a remarkable depth of skill and expertise, and our doctors are leaders in their fields.

Recovery is Never Out of Reach

We welcome Medicaid patients.  At Sacred Circle Healthcare All elements of your health and recovery is the primary and only goal.

You Come First

At Sacred Circle Healthcare, we combine a multidisciplinary approach with compassionate care to meet all of your needs.  Our focus is YOU.

Experienced Doctors

Medicaid Providers with Experience You Can Trust

We care for our patients throughout all stages of needs. Our healthcare providers have a remarkable depth of skill and expertise, and our doctors are leaders in their fields. Reflecting the diversity of our community and patients, our staff speak several languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic with translators available for others to better serve you. This ensures that you receive the personal communication you deserve and can trust

What Our Patients Say

They are very sincere and really like to help their patients rather than get em all addicted to pain medications. They listen and very caring.

Autumn G
Called in, got an appointment within the week. The staff were helpful and friendly. They even offered me water. Being a self pay and/or medicaid patient, I have had lots of bad experiences trying to find a doctor who would accept new patients, and once I did, it was like a factory; in and out as fast as possible, with little concern about the patient. This office was different. I felt like they really listened and cared. Plus, I love their mission and story. Thank You!!
Jodi N

They were all very friendly and professional, but a little understaffed. I’ve been twice, both visits should have taken just a few minutes and ended up lasting more than an hour.

I posted this recently with three stars, they called me and addressed my concern, i an very impressed!

Cherisa Chappell

SCHC has been a godsend for my family. There have been some Up’s and down’s over the years and we have weathered some storms with this clinic and her staff however, today, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. Primary Care is great. Dental is great. physical therapy is phenomenal. Seriously, go see Lindsay if you’re hurting, she’ll make you all better. Pharmacy is amazing. I literally feel like I am a part of a HUGE family, and so do my kids. I have seen too many doctors brush off too many patients for too long and I have never once been looked at sideways by anyone at SCHC. They always listen and collaborate and trust that I know my body and reassure me when I’m worried that something small may be big. I just don’t know how to properly express how much love and compassion comes from this place. Thank you to all of you for everything you do for us.

Sandra P.

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