Acute Injury Treatment

There is nothing “cute” about acute injury treatment. In fact, most injuries of this nature are painful and are often the result of an accident. Acute injuries refer to harm that occurs suddenly.

Some examples of these injuries include sprained joints, broken bones, torn ligaments, etc. While an acute injury often comes on quickly, it’s not always severe. Our team here at Sacred Circle Healthcare will help you to understand the nature of your injury and the care you need to take with it.

Not all acute injuries are treated the same way, and a good plan will help you heal faster and with less pain.

Sports Injuries Have Met Their Match

Some of the most common injuries for children come from playing sports. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of nonfatal incidents in kids occurs from falling and sports. The rapid pace of the game and sudden movements make it all too easy for these injuries to occur.

Luckily with our team here in Salt Lake City, your children don’t have to stop playing the games they love because of a mishap. Instead, we’ll help them heal and find ways to prevent future injuries from happening as well.

Sports is a healthy part of children’s lives. Don’t let an injury hold them back from making meaningful, healthy connections. Instead, schedule an appointment with one of our providers.

We’ll get your kids back into the activities they love.

acute injury treatment

Using Medicaid for Your Acute Injury Treatment in Salt Lake City

For all of your acute injury treatment, come to Sacred Circle Healthcare. We know that finances and healthcare can be tough. However, hobbling through life with pain is not a valid option.

That’s why we work with Medicaid patients. We promise to give you the best care in the state, regardless of your income or the type of insurance you have.

We understand how the Medicaid program works. As a result, you won’t have to worry about skyrocketing prices or fees. With us, a healthy body is always an affordable goal.

Get Your Acute Injury Treatment Today!

While certain injuries aren’t life-threatening, they can get worse over time. That’s why if you’ve been injured recently, it’s important for you to visit a doctor to get everything checked out.

We know that sometimes these injuries can take you off your feet. Then you may miss work, special events and more. Our team wants you to maintain your freedom to live life. To achieve this goal, we’ve become skilled in analyzing, diagnosing and treating acute injuries.

When you’re treated at our practice, you’ll get better faster. Call us whenever you or a family member suffers an acute injury.