Medical Tests and Procedures

While certain diseases are readily apparent, others need comprehensive medical tests and procedures to be diagnosed. Our team knows the difference between the two. When you come in exhibiting signs of an illness, we take great care in finding an answer that will bring you relief.

One of the worst feelings about being sick is not knowing what’s wrong or when you’ll get better. Even when you have a simple cold, it can feel like eternity just waiting for it to pass.

More serious symptoms can cause anxiety and depression. That’s why our team is trained in using all the best medical tests and procedures.

Comprehensive Medical Care

We perform tests for rapid strep, mono, influenza, drugs, STDs and more in our clinic.

Along with these, our medical professionals are skilled in skin tests as well. All these tests help us to determine the causes for some of your most common symptoms.

Because our tests are done in-house, we’re able to get results back to you quickly. Unlike other providers who have you wait a couple of days for labs, our team is here to tell you the results — sometimes by the end of the day.

So instead of worrying about all the possible conditions you might have, you’ll be able to begin the healing process through rest and treatment.

medical tests and procedures

Salt Lake City’s Best Medicaid Option for Medical Tests & Procedures

One of the most common questions we get asked as healthcare providers is, will my insurance cover this? We understand the concern that goes into every medical decision. We are familiar with many insurance plans, including PCN, Health Choice, SHCC, and others.

However, our team is focused on getting you the care you need. We strive to make all our treatment and testing options compatible with Medicaid regulations, so that you pay less.

The process of applying for and using Medicaid can be difficult. Our staff is happy to answer any of your questions about how to use Medicaid at our office. We will help you get the tests and care that you need.

Schedule Medical Tests and Procedures

Some illnesses will not go away without proper treatment. Some of these include urinary tract infections and strep throat. However, before they can be treated, they often need to be tested and confirmed.

It’s important to meet with your provider about symptoms so that you can get treatment as fast as possible. Any delays will simply make the recovery process slower. Call us to schedule your medical tests in Salt Lake City.