Physical Therapy

When an illness or an injury occurs, it sometimes takes a while to heal. Pain can sometimes persist and become chronic, joints and limbs can become stiff and rigid, and your ability to perform daily activities can be impaired.

Physical therapy can help with both acute and chronic pain and can be an important component of the healing process. It’s non-invasive and provides long-lasting relief from pain as well as improved mobility and functioning.

Here at Sacred Circle Healthcare, our qualified physical therapists strive to treat your injury and put you back in control of your life and your health. We will create a unique plan for you that includes the best care available.

woman on medicaid getting physical therapy

Reasons to Visit a Physical Therapist

Some of the most common reason for physical therapy include:

  • Pain in the back, neck or legs
  • Pain in the arms and shoulders
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty walking
  • Difficulty with balance or standing
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Chronic pain

Our providers create treatment options that work for your lifestyle to help speed recovery and minimize symptoms.

Therapeutic Treatment Options

At Sacred Circle Healthcare, our therapists use a variety of treatment methods, including manual therapy, stretching and strengthening. We are passionate about patient education and we’ll teach you how to perform simple and effective exercises at home that are catered to your needs.

We specialize in chronic pain treatment. Our team of providers will work together to give you the most comprehensive and effective treatment plan available. When you schedule a session, you’ll talk with a therapist about your symptoms and together we will create goals to help your health improve.

We believe that education is powerful, so we’ll help you understand your pain and how physical therapy will help you lead a less painful and more active life.

Medicaid and Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City

Our providers offer comprehensive services for all health issues in the body. In most cases, physical therapy is required before insurance companies will cover MRI and CT scans, giving you an opportunity to improve your health and more fully participate in life’s activities.

If you are unsure whether physical therapy is right for you, talk to your healthcare provider or speak to a member of our physical therapy team. Physical therapy is covered by most Medicaid and Medicare plans. Don’t let pain sabotage your life! Tour our facilities in Salt Lake City or call us to schedule your first appointment.