Podiatry is the area of medicine that focuses on the feet. The feet are durable and strong; however, they still need quality care from time to time. When problems in the feet arise, it’s not uncommon to see problems elsewhere in the body as well.

This is most commonly seen in people who run. Many conditions, such as shinsplints, are affected by the structure of the feet. Your foot should have a stable arch; too high or too low, and you could experience unnecessary pain.

Fortunately, our providers are great at finding and treating these conditions. We help make sure that you’re always on the right foot.

Orthotics and Surgery

Most problems that arise with the foot can be solved in two ways — orthotics or surgery. Orthotics are shoe inserts that create the ideal structure for your feet.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a high arch or another issue, orthotics are great stabilizers. Unfortunately, they can’t solve everything. Certain conditions only surgery can fix.

If you are experiencing problems with your foot or ankle, the best professional for the job is a podiatrist. Their experience will help solve your foot problems. Here at Sacred Circle Healthcare, we work with podiatrists to ensure that all our patients’ feet are healthy and well-maintained.

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Medicaid Podiatry Services in Salt Lake City

All our providers serve those covered by Medicaid. If you’ve got a foot condition, we’ll work with you to find solutions that not only work but are affordable as well.

Our office is dedicated to providing high-quality treatment at reasonable rates. We don’t want our patients to put off treatment out of fear of the costs.

We know that when your feet hurt, it can be hard to do anything. Painful conditions make sitting at home all too tempting. However, finding real answers is within your reach. All it takes is one simple phone call.

Come to our facility and talk with our amazing team. We’ll help answer all of your questions about Medicaid and podiatry services in the Salt Lake City area.

Find Your New Podiatrist

People spend hours and days scouring for the best primary care and dental providers. However, at the end of the day, it’s the feet that are often forgotten and mistreated. You need a podiatrist to help keep your entire body fit and healthy, from head to toe.

Come meet our team here in Salt Lake City and learn about the options available to you! You can stop by or call our office anytime. We love to meet new people!